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Sport in Trinidad and Tobago
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Sports Associations

Adventure racing: contact Ryan Mendes (Tel. 637-5576, 756-562)

Archery: Trinidad & Tobago Target Archery Federation (Tel. 628-3705)

Boxing: Trinidad & Tobago Amateur Boxing Association (Tel. 658-5736)

Bridge: Trinidad & Tobago Contract Bridge Association (Tel. 627-3664, Mon. and Fri. from 5pm)

Cross training: Caribbean Cross Training (President: Andrew Eligon, tel. 628 7945)

Cricket: Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board of Control (Tel. 636-1577)

Cycling: Trinidad & Tobago Cycling Federation (Secretary: Jacqueline Corbin, tel. 624-0384)

Darts: Trinidad & Tobago Darts Association (President: Roger Christopher, tel. 652-4311)

Distance running: Distance Running Events & Associated Management (Tel. 636-8986)

Drag racing: Trinidad Autosport Association (President: Bhola Ramesh, tel. 650 3221)

Draughts and checkers: Trinidad & Tobago Draughts & Checkers Association (President: Kenrick Hall, tel. 673-3272)

Equestrian: Trinidad & Tobago Equestrian Association (President: Robin Maharaj, tel. 628-0055)

Football: Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (Tel.623-7312, 625-9856)

Golf: Trinidad and Tobago Golf Association (President: Clarence Wilcox, tel. 625-2115)

Hockey: Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board (Garvin Francis-Lau, tel. 623-1932 ext. 307)

Horse racing: Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority (Tel. 646-1986)

Judo: Trinidad & Tobago Judo Association (Secretary: Carmel Adney, tel. 627-7055)

Karate: Trinidad & Tobago Karate Union (Secretary: Neville Mason, tel. 637-5307)

Karting: Trinidad & Tobago Karting Association (Secretary: Garvin Ramdial, 674-1333, 682-5375)

Mountain biking: Trinidad & Tobago Mountain Bike Association (Gene Samuel, tel. 622-2453)

Netball: Trinidad & Tobago Netball Association (Carol Demming Gittens, tel. 652-4247)

Olympics: Trinidad & Tobago Olympics Committee (Debbie McKell, tel. 622-8862)

Rallying: Trinidad & Tobago Rally Club (President: Richard Ramsingh, tel. 681-8695)

Scrabble: Trinidad & Tobago Scrabble Association (Secretary: Samuel Davis, tel. 645-4593)

Squash: Trinidad and Tobago Squash Association (Secretary: Dianne Julien, tel. 658-4200 ext. 6679)

Taekwondo: Trinidad & Tobago Taekwondo Association (President: JinYoung Jung, tel. 628-5812)

Tennis: Trinidad & Tobago Tennis Association (628-0783)

Amateur Swimming Association of Trinidad & Tobago
The Trinidad and Tobago Target Archery
Trinidad Rifle Association
Trinidad and Tobago Sports Medicine Association
Trinidad & Tobago Table Tennis Association
Trinidad and Tobago Taekwondo Association
Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Association
Trinidad and Tobago Volleyball Federation
Trinidad and Tobago Yachting
Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Boxing Association
Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Gymnastics Association
Trinidad and Tobago Bobsleigh Federation
Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation
Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation
Trinidad and Tobago Judo Association
Trinidad and Tobago Netball Association Inc.
Trinidad & Tobago Squash Association
Tennis Association of Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Badminton Association
Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board National
Basketball Federation of Trinidad and Tobago
National Amateur Athletics Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Karate Union
Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association
Trinidad and Tobago Equestrian Association
National Racing Pigeon Commission of Trinidad & Tobago 

the country's leading athletes for the past year 2001
  • Brian Lara - Cricket - 2001 Sportsman of the Year
  • Rheann Chung - Table Tennis player - 2001 Sportswoman of the Year
  • Darrel Brown (athletics)
  • George Bovell (swimming)
  • Stephen Ames (golf)
  • Shane Stone (tennis)
  • Norris Gomez (rifle shooting)
  • Edward Ramesar (archery)
  • Shantelle McLean (swimming).
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